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Class Size is Limited. You must register in advance and prepay to attend SoCal Mermaid School through the Secure Paypal link below. Once your Paypal purchase is received a Mermaid Instructor will contact you to supply you with the necessary registration form.

**Mermaid skin and mono fin supplied.
    •    Beginner swim test.
    •    Instruction and swim practice with a variety of mono-fins to find what style fits your mermaiding needs.
    •    Train and Develop Mermaid swim techniques.
    •    Abdominal swimming
    •    Arm enhancements
    •    Pearl dives, length of the pool.
    •    Underwater swim length of the pool.
    •    Spins, Rolls, length of the pool
    •    Supervision to help you develop your unique 20 second mermaid swim routine.
    •    Study and practice Mermaid land poses for glamour photo shoot.

• Graduates of SoCal Mermaid School are invited to attend the yearly Graduation Pool Party where they will perform their synchronized or individual medley swim routine. Mermaid Class Photo included with Diploma. Underwater video and Glamor photos will be available.

Mermaid School Packages

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Mermaids may choose to participate in the yearly Scheduled Mermaid Adventure  hosted in Two-Harbors, Catalina.

Catalini Isand Tour

Join us for an Mermaid Adventure in the beautiful underwater habitat and beaches

in Santa Catalina Island!

4 Fun Mermaid Events to choose from!


Mermaid lsland Frolic Includes: Tail Rental for 1 Hour. 

reg price: $80. 



1 hour of Island Land Mermaiding includes:

Use of tail, Mermaid Glamour photo shoot, 

All digital files 5x7", 72 dpi

reg price: $360. 



90 min of Island Land and Sea Mermaiding

includes: use of tail, Glamor photo shoot, Water Mermaid swim. 

reg price: $420. 



Movie Star Mermaiding includes:  2  hours of  Island Land and Sea Mermaiding, use of tail, Glamor photo shoot, Water Mermaid swim with underwater video of your Mermaid Swim. 

reg price: $645.  


Does not include: transportation, lodging or food

Camping available.

Advance Registration necessary to book your time slot and participate in Mermaiding at Catalina Two Harbors during the scheduled tour dates. Call 760-705-5719

**Offer valid only during Mermaid Island Catalina Tour Dates.


Choose your Mermaid Island package below


or Book us for your Private Group MERMAID ISLAND TOUR to Catalina.


 Book A Private Fantasy Day of Mermaiding for You & Your Friends On Catalina Island!
We will create a  Fantasy Mermaid Day of Mermaids basking on the rocks and swimming the crystal waters in the beautiful underwater world on the enchanted Island of Catalina.

Private Mermaid group packages take place on Catalina Island in Avalon, for up to 5 people for $3,349.
4 hours Includes: Mermaid Tails, Glamor photo shoot, and Underwater swim with video.


**Does not include: transportation, lodging or food




***Advance Registration necessary




 MERMAID CLUB   Mermaid Club  mermaid club mermaid club

Create Your Unique Mermaid Persona.

Design your mermaid tail, fin, top, makeup, head-dress, and hairstyle jewelry and props.


Mermaid Club Incorporates: design,  imagination, creativity, crafting, tayloring, sewing, problem solving, manners, collaboration.

$40 1 hour class, once monthly.

Mermaid CLUB *Buy 3 Sessions and SAVE $10.

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Club Curriculum©

• Mono-fin 101: Choosing your Mermaid’ Mono-Fin: hands-on educated on the different styles of monofins available to help you make the best decision to suiting your mermaid needs. We will teach you about the professional mono-fins and to how to create an attractive homemade mono-fin from used dive fins. You will be instructed on how to modify your mono-fin with extensions to to create a unique fin style for your mermaid tail. This step is necessary to accomplish before you begin constructing your Mermaid tail pattern

• Mermaid Tail Skin: Instructors will guide you through the steps to creating your very own mermaid tail.
We will help you measure, draw and create a custom pattern for your desired mermaid tail design. We will review Spandex fabric choices, adornments, accessories, and mono-fin styles.  We have seamstresses available if you do not want to do the sewing. we can order your monofin at a discount, or help you make one from dive fins.

• Mermaid  Makeup: Begin to creating your unique mermaid style. We will research and review  Mermaid makeup techniques. sketch our design and practice applying makeup to create our beautiful mermaid face.  

• Mermaid Hair Style: Experiment with the Latest mermaid braids, hairdos, wigs and colorful hair extensions to find the perfect look for your mermaid hairstyle.

• Head Dress Creation: Work with  jewelry, shells, netting, faux seaweed and flowers,  We will help you research and sketch designs for you to create a special mermaid head-dress.  

• Mermaid Swim Top:  Research the latest styles in mermaid apparel, Receive instruction and assistance to help you sketch and create your dream mermaid bra top and jewelry accessories. 

Props & Jewelry: Investigate and desgin props and jewelry that express your unique Mermaid qualities

*Some materials are supplied. There will be items that will need to be purchased depending on your desired outcome.


Mermaid Pool Party Graduation Celebration

Work at your own pace to graduate Mermaid School and Mermaid Club to become a named & certified Mermaid through Mermaid Island Tours.

To attend the yearly Mermaid Graduation Pool Party ceremony  and receive your Mermaid Diploma, you must complete all requirements in Mermaid School and Club.
The Mermaid School Graduation Pool Party is scheduled each year at the end of September.

Mermaid Club: Requirements for Completion Certificate:
Developed your unique individual mermaid persona that includes: Mermaid name, makeup, hairstyle, head-dress, mermaid top, mermaid tail and fin style.

MermaidSchool: Requirements for Completion Certificate:
Pass beginner swim test, swim with various mono fin styles, Mermaid swim underwater length of pool. Develop your unique  mermaid swim style and 20 second Mermaid routine.

Mermaids that complete the Mermaid School certification, and finish the all requirements in Mermaid Club are invited to the yearly Mermaid Graduation Pool Party.
Graduates will receive a Mermaid pool party, Mermaid or Merman Diploma and Class photo. A glamour photo of the mermaid persona they created,  and an underwater video of the  unique mermaid swim routine will be available for order.



For More Details Contact:
or call: 760-705-5719